Inaugural of Copa Star Hospital in Rio de Janeiro

On October 2016, Copa Star Hospital was inaugurated in the southern zone of Brazilian capital Rio de Janeiro. It is located on the Figueiredo Magalhaes Street near Copacabana beach. It took three years for the completion of the construction of Copa Star Hospital. The hospital is a combination of sophisticated technology, luxury, comfort, and outstanding service. From the outside, it looks like a five-star hotel. The concept was introduced by D’Or Sao Luiz Network. The seven-story building is a masterpiece of technological innovation. It is constructed on an area of twenty-one thousand square foot. As compared to other hospitals, patients here enjoy a great level of freedom. They can talk to a doctor or request attention from nurses with a few taps on the iPad. New technology has been introduced for the automation of the beds. With the help of an application, patients can do various tasks like opening and closing curtains, changing the lighting of the room and accessing his doctor.

Dr. Jorge Moll who is a cardiologist is the founder and President of D’Or Sao Luiz. The construction work of Copa Star Hospital began in 2013 with an investment of more than four hundred million dollars. According to Jorge Moll, the hospital is a great alternative for people who earlier had to visit Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Complex surgeries can be conducted at this hospital where the qualified staff is available round the clock to take care of the patients. People describe Copa Star Hospital as the combination of professional medical staff and hotel accommodation. The aim is to help people recover from illness with the use of technology and comfort. An innovative feature of Copa Star Hospital is a separate area for the passage of stretchers and hospital staff. The galleries of the building are decorated with paintings of Japanese artist Yutaka.

D’Or Institute for Education and Research (IDOR) is a nonprofit institute for the promotion of scientific and technological advancement in healthcare professional training. The institute was founded in 2010 with headquarter in Rio de Janeiro. The facility has state-of-the-art equipment for researchers who rely on D’Or Sao Luiz for resources and technical support. The Institute coordinates with teaching and research activities of the network with units in Recife, Brasilia, Sao Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro. Currently, the institute has a research team of seventeen people and more than fifty students that are involved in various research projects aiming to bring significant research output. The institute mainly focuses on research areas like medicine, internal medicine, neurosciences, and pediatrics. IDOR offers post-graduation courses Lato Sensu, Residency Program, and specialization and refresher courses. The researchers collaborate with students in their master’s thesis and doctoral programs like INCA, FIOCRUZ, UERJ, and UFRJ.

Read more at SSC Magazine about Copa Star.

Working with Construcap For A Better Brazil

Do you want to build a new home for yourself or a building for your business? If so, you should work with a professional who can add value to the process. A lot of people are excited about the work that Construcap is doing in the industry in South America. Although the company is primarily based in Brazil, it does do a lot of great work in other areas as well. Over time, this is a company that has proven to truly care about customers. There are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that are taking place in the country, and Construcap is poised to benefit from all of the new demand for housing.

Housing Demand

As the nation of Brazil continues to grow rapidly on, the demand for housing has never been higher. A lot of people are excited about the changes that are taking place in this area. Not only will the country continue to work on things that are going to impact the economy, but Construcap is going to be there for all of the new houses that must be built. Brazil is having a lot of success working to bring people up to the next level in life economically. This means many people are coming up from the lower class to the middle class financially on More people than ever before are going to be able to afford homes, and this is something that a lot of people are looking forward to.

Construcap Growth

With all of the demand for new homes, Construcap must keep investing in the future to drive growth. There are a lot of people who are excited and nervous about what the future is going to hold for them. Not only are they trying to invest for the future, but they are also trying to deal with the demands of eery day business. This is something that can be hard to manage at times, especially for a young company like Construcap at Over time, this company has proven to truly care about customers in a number of ways.

Eric Pulier: Technoligist, Entrepreneur, & Philanthropist

There are truly some great individuals of this contemporary society that we live in. The bad thing about it is that these special people never seem to get the credit that’s due. Many of the entertainers and professional athletes seem to receive all of the credit even though many of them have never done anything positive to better society. Unfortunately, this is the world we live in, but this article is all about one talented individual by the name of Eric Pulier. This remarkable fellow is all over the board when it comes to business as he hand a hand in many successful projects.

This Teaneck, New Jersey native has made a name for himself thanks to his brilliant way of thinking. As a child, Pulier programmed a computer in just the fourth grade and he founded a computer database company while in high school. Those two achievements right there is more than what most people do in a life time especially when it comes to being creative. Pulier attended the prestigious Harvard University where he majored in English/American Literature. Though having such a full schedule, he maintained his position thanks to his very strong perseverance. The Harvard Crimson, which is the school’s daily newspaper, Pulier was one of it’s column writers and as well the editor. By 1988 he was ready to graduate and by 1991 he would be starting his professional career in California.

Eric Pulier has literally founded up to 15 successful companies during his days. The guy has invested millions into tech start up companies, whom have gone on to be very successful in their own right, and he’s donated hundreds of thousands to charitable organizations. This is the blueprint of success for sure and for those who have the same interests as this guy, this blueprint can be boost your success.

Clay Siegall’s Tireless Quest To Meet Cancer Patients Unmet Needs

As head of Seattle Genetics since 2002, Clay Siegall is proud that the company was the first to receive FDA approval for an antibody-drug conjugate (ADC), which is marketed under the brand name ADCETRIS. Used to treat Hodgkin Lymphoma patients who have not responded to chemotherapy, ADCETRIS’s antibody targets lymphoma cells and then delivers an anticancer drug. Siegall has said that Seattle Genetics is working to gain FDA approval to widen ADCETRIS’s use, which combined with the company’s plans to augment its drug pipeline, interests investors. Under Siegall’s leadership, Seattle Genetics’ stock price has nearly tripled in the last five years.

A frequent featured speaker at industry events, Siegall impresses audiences with his dedication to improving therapies for cancer patients. One of his responsibilities as CEO is to raise capital for Seattle Genetics to continue their research, an area that Siegall excels in. Bringing in more than $350 million from licensing agreements alone, Siegall ensures that Seattle Genetics will continue to develop breakthrough therapies that will benefit cancer patients.

With a dozen new drugs in development, Siegall is focusing on increasing the therapies available for cancer patients, which has been his goal since he co-founded Seattle Genetics in 1998. Xconomy reports that Siegall, in addition to running an ambitious biotechnology company, is on the Board of Governors of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Business Alliance and on the Board of Directors of the Washington Biotechnology and Biomedical Association. Also serving on the Boards of Directors for three private biotechnology companies, Siegall is extremely busy; nevertheless, he told Seeking Alpha “We think we can be the next big important biotech company.” This means Seattle Genetics would need to develop drug after drug, however, when it comes to new ways to meet cancer patients unmet needs, Siegall does not rest.



Innovacare Health Is Bringing Fairness in Insurance Coverage Plans To You

Innovacare Health Insurance packages have hit the markets by storm. It is imperative for you to know that there are certain options available to you in which you will be able to potentially improve the quality of your life. By choosing the company’s health care options, you are giving yourself a guarantee that you will have the support that you may need should you unexpectedly become injured or ill. It is a great guarantee to have as many people aren’t always prepared for the hospital bills that may be incurred by them. If you are unsure about what you can do to improve the quality of your life, it’s highly recommended for you to visit the website of Innovacare Health  insurance at today so that you can see what opportunities of protecting yourself are available for you to take advantage of by enrolling in appropriate programs.

Innovacare Health is offering deals that may indeed be difficult to beat among competitors. At this point in time, there are many people who are finding it difficult to find a health insurance program that they can truly rely on for the long term. Many people have found that some of the options that are available to them are priced extremely high. This does not mean that they cannot find a good deal somewhere. If they are lucky enough to find information pertaining to Innovacare Health, then they will discover that it is indeed one of the more attractive options that are around today. Several insurance companies has taken the route of raising their prices for customers seeking coverage due to health insurance becoming mandatory by the newest reformed laws. The raising of their prices are something that essentially guarantees them profits as people do not necessarily have many other options for seeking healthcare due to their necessities of obtaining it in respect to the laws. Innovacare Health exists as an organization that has decided not to take such a route in striving to receive quick profits. Instead, they’ve decided that they will be racing in the long run against their competitors by winning over customers by providing low prices now with excellent services, so that they can have faith in them and what they may offer in the future. Read more on Yahoo about Innovacare.

Securus offers high-tech challenge, GTL folds like cheap tent

Recently, Securus offered to put its video visitation technology up against that of competitor GTL in a head-to-head challenge that would be judged by a trusted third party. GTL declined outright. This comes on the heels of a year’s worth of questionable claims and invective of every stripe hurled by GTL at their more prominent competitor. With Securus’ ascent to the heights of the inmate communication industry, they have been warding off assaults left and right from competitors and bitter critics. However, at the end of the day, challenges such as this one demonstrate, in no uncertain terms, that their place at the top of the inmate communications food chain is well deserved.



Developing world-class solutions


Securus’ video visitation system is over a decade in the making. Although many not familiar with the inner workings of the system are quick to compare it to Skype, the differences are what define it. While the user interface is, indeed, Skype-like, designed to be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible, the back-end is a completely different ball game. Securus owns virtually all of its own infrastructure, including a massive data center and a customer service call center that has won numerous awards for industry-leading service.


In addition to this, the system is 100% secure. Securus has algorithms based on cutting-edge artificial intelligence that are capable of biometrically identifying any unauthorized party on any communications device within the prison, within nanoseconds. This stops one of the most serious institutional security threats virtually cold in its tracks, the threat of criminal communications by gang members or their associates. Not only has this drastically lessened the instances of criminal conspiracies within prisons, it has demonstrably stopped plots, including the assassination of prison staff, before they have gotten off the ground. Through high technology, Securus is saving lives.



George Street Photo and Video is the premier choice for wedding photography in San Diego

Getting married is a huge milestone in one’s life. It signifies new beginnings for you and your partner Finding the right photographer is extremely important. Weddings can be hectic and planning a wedding takes a lot of effort. Hiring a professional photographer in San Diego will insure that all your efforts and planning will pay off. Your photos will make those special moments come to life and bring back treasured memories for years to come. You can relieve each special second of that precious day with your entire ceremony recorded.

George Street Photo and video is the ultimate choice for wedding photography in the San Diego area. Each of their photographers are selected to do exactly what they do best. They are trained to capture those unique and beautiful moments that make your big day special. You can enjoy your celebration while knowing that you have just the people for the job.

Bradley Reifler: How to Deal with the Challenges Affecting Small Investors

Money Monster is a fictional movie that tries to uncover all the truths investments, Wall St and some of the common challenges faced by small investors. Wall St specializes on the accredited investors and offers them with opportunities to invest. However, most of these opportunities are not given to the less poor non-credited investors. Just recently, Brad Reifler, the Chief Executive Officer of Forefront changed this old tradition, and he is currently offering his help to the middle class individuals in America, offering them investment opportunities.

Brad Reifler has shared some of the challenges that affect the small investors in the modern times.

Access to investments: for many years, only the wealthy individuals could access investments. The non -accredited investors were limited to the type of investments they could access. The government and most of the other financial institutions considered the accredited investors to be more intelligent, so they allowed them to invest in private equity, private funds and hedge funds.

Fees: on Wall St, fee is considered to be a huge challenge. Most of the firms always charge large management fees on the consumers, regardless of the performance portfolio. This simply means that the broker gets richer, regardless of their clients success, something that is wrong.

Stock market risk: the non -accredited investors are given very few investment options, and this means that most of the investments they are involved in are somehow correlated to the competitive stock market.

Brad Reifler decided to launch Forefront Capital to make sure that they help the consumer deal with these challenges and at the same time give power to the small investors. He is no longer dealing with the wealthy accredited investors who have the resources. The non-accredited clients he deals with represent ninety nine percent of the country’s population.

Brad Reifler is a popular serial entrepreneur, based in the United States. He is the founder and CEO of Forefront capital, an institution that has been in the market since 2009. Before starting this company, he was the chairman and CEO of an institution known as Pali Capital, an international financial services company. His ideas in the investment world have transformed the lives of many middle class individuals.

Nothing Can Keep Michael Zomber Down

Michael Zomber is the kind of historian you rarely see these days – dedicated to the practical as well as the theoretical. Despite hardships, he’s turned his passions into an impressive career, never allowing anything to stop him. Zomber was falsely convicted of mail fraud in 2003 due to legal misconduct and was imprisoned until 2008, when the unfair verdict was finally overturned. In spite of it all, he’s done more so far than most of us can hope to do in a lifetime.

For a start, he’s credited on more than a dozen screenplays. Additionally, he’s produced the critically acclaimed Soul of the Samurai in association with his wife. This documentary tells the story of samurai as a phenomenon, documenting the life of the much-romanticised warrior class in a way that’s historical, yet does not reject art.

If that’s not enough, he’s got five books in print. Four are historical novels, and one, Jesus and the Samurai, is a nonfiction work that links traditional samurai values with the development of early Christianity. His historical fiction rich in knowledge and highly accurate.

Finally, Zomber has been an arms collector for thirty years and has amassed a broad knowledge of guns and swords from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century. His expertise in this three-hundred-year span includes Japanese, American, Islamic, and European weapons. He often appears on the History Channel as a guest, educating the public about the artistry and finesse in these weapons.

With so much on his plate it’s a wonder that he can find time for anything else, but Zomber also supports several nongovernmental organizations dedicated to the promotion of peace, such as Doctors Without Borders and Amnesty International. Truly, Zomber is an impressive scholar and historian who doesn’t hesitate to put his beliefs into practice.  Add Michael on Facebook here.

Securus Technologies Speaks Out Against Wrongdoings

Recently, there has been a bit of controversy surrounding Securus Technologies, but their Chief Executive Officer has stepped up to the plate to deal with these problems head on. It takes a lot for a company to see their wrong doings and take action against them. They are taking not only actions to help correct the mistakes make by Global Tel Link, but also putting in place measures to make sure that these types of issues don’t happen in the future. This article from PR Newswire, goes into a little more detail about the changes coming down the track for Securus Technologies.

By calling out GTL for the wrongs that they have perpetrated against the incarcerated, Securus Technologies is really standing up for people who have no one to speak for them. They have made their position well known to the public and shown that they will not stand for abuses perpetrated by big business. This willingness to point out mistakes is a great signs for the company as a whole and has gained a lot of people’s respect. The Securus – GTL Integrity Breaches, really shows some of the thing stat the company was calling out and helps to put into perspective what these changes will mean for the company as a whole.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.